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This Summer 5th - 11th July 2018

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Discover The Fascinating Play Between Masculine & Feminine

A tantra retreat for couples and singles

WARM WELCOME to our annual Summer Soul Retreat. 7 days of delightful self-discovery journey into the perpetual play of the Masculine & Feminine. A unique opportunity to share, celebrate and discover yourself in a transformative mix of holiday and retreat. An unforgettable experience with around one hundred other couples and singles guided by some of our most experienced tantra teachers in our amazing countryside facilities in Paradis Retreatcenter.

An amazing experience awaits

A synergetic Holiday & Heart Work in one powerful movement

What is happening?

  • Life-Changing Experiences

  • Polarity Lab: Lectures and exercises on tantric topics

  • Consciousness & Energy studies

  • Tantric energy sessions & polarity yoga in couples

  • Magnetic Masculinity Training & Goddess Yoga

  • Special group sessions for women and men

  • Tantric Initiations

  • Joy of Life: Holiday program & excursions

  • Unique heart work and quality time together

  • Garden of Unearthly Delights

  • Dancefloor & Tantric Talent shows

What will I learn?

  • Mapping your own core challenges & qualities
  • Learning the game of polarity & attraction

  • Ways to build more confidence, awareness and radiance

  • Understanding why the masculine seeks freedom & the feminine looks for love
  • Why she is his biggest support AND his biggest challenge
  • Why he is her best adviser AND her most scary need
  • Keys to building real trust in relationships and friendships

Summer Soul is back in a 2.0 version with an upgraded program to make you fly even higher and dive even deeper. Again this year we invite you on an inner journey of transformation and self-development. A journey where you have to be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.

This retreat is not just about having a great experience, but about learning valuable tantric knowledge and applying it in real time in the retreat. We offer you this year a rich playground with an intense transformative education in tantra in our ‘Polarity Lab’ combined with our new ‘Joy of Life’ holiday program.




The teachers

We have asked some of our most experienced tantra teachers to create
this life-changing 7-day retreat. Forged
in the fire and passion of a tantric relationship and undergone years of
in-depth studies they will bring their extensive experience and eloquent
understanding to walk you through this journey. Some themes in our Polarity Lab:

1: Now Polarize This! Polarizing Life

2: Fulfilling Your Polarity

3: Let’s Work Together – Options vs Decisions

4: The Vigilant Man & The Sensual Woman

5: Adam, The Apple & Eve’s Eternal Challenge

6: The Polarity Bomb – Warning: Highly Explosive!

7: Special Tantric Initiation

Ulrik Adinatha (DK) and Daniela Ananda (RO) have been living and loving as a tantric couple the last 10 years. They have been teaching and guiding people to reawaken the spark and love in their love relations for many years, and in how people can get to know each other on a much deeper level than before. They teach together the Tantra Intensive Course in Natha Copenhagen and Denmarks most extensive tantric massage education. Ulrik and Daniela are skilled teachers, who give practical and useful solutions to the challenges in relationships and sexuality, all in a sphere of great knowledge, understanding of the masculine and feminine psyche, love and humour. They love to share their knowledge – and they love to see other people bloom and unfold their beautiful colours when they learn about the true nature of love and erotic play.

Arthur (IL) and Minodora (FIN) are a fascinating meeting between Nordic calmness, beautiful serenity and fiery Israeli dynamism. They both possess a deep knowledge of Yoga and Tantra and are enthusiastic spiritual practitioners, living life understanding that everything which happens to us is an opportunity for growth and that the challenges we overcome are what makes us who we are. Though tantra they have discovered a uniquely positive attitude to life, living through the heart and with profound awareness. Beside that Arthur is a life coach and business consultant, former military officer and teacher of tantra, meditation and yoga with 16 years of teaching experience. Minodora is teaching weekly classes of Tantra, keeping Tantra for Women groups for awakening the feminine creative power and various workshops in Natha Yogacenter in Århus.

Advaita is the senior teacher of Natha Yogacenter in Denmark and coordinator of the Atman International Teacher Training Programs in Yoga, Tantra and Meditation. He is an advanced tantric practitioner and acclaimed Tantra teacher with nearly three decades of experience. He is the co-author of the Tantra Intensive Course, the world’s foremost Tantra course. He is also the author of the Meditation Intensive Course and several books on advanced tantric notions, including the ancient knowledge about the ten Great Cosmic Powers, “Dasha Maha Vidya” which is the backbone of the tantric teachings. As a speaker, he is running seminars, workshops and retreats around the world on a wide variety of topics, ranging from relationship, love and intimacy to frontier science, quantum physics and human rights.

Advaita’s philosophy in life is TO LIVE FULLY AND CONSCIOUSLY and he has dedicated his life to helping people truly live in a conscious way. Within the field of Tantra, the science of life, he found exceptional practices that changed his life for the better and which have consequently changed the lives of thousands of people through the teachings he imparts.

Joy of Life holiday program

7 Days of Unforgettable Holiday

In the afternoon and evenings, the ‘joy of life’ holiday program will unfold. We will create the frame for your newly gained knowledge to be turned into an immediate real-time experience. Immerse yourself in an open space of exploration and self-discovery in a relaxing holiday playground away from daily distractions together with new friends.

Our lovely old farmhouses in Paradise Retreatcenter and its newly renovated facilities and luscious Danish countryside garden will hold the physical setting for our ‘unearthly delights’ in garden parties, hot tub nights, talent shows, vegetarian meals, sensual summer games, romantic dinners, dancefloor, cuddle corner, aphrodisiac bar and much more. We will also arrange daily trips in nature to the surrounding attractions at Vemmetofte beach, the monastery garden, Stevns Klint, the secret military tunnels, Rødvig Havn and other local attractions. It’s gonna be sweet and enjoyable!

Join our Polarity Lab

What will you learn?

Polarity Lab

The morning sessions will be dedicated to education focused on ‘polarity training’ and understanding the fascinating play of the masculine and feminine. It will be a buildup consisting of physical and energetic tantric practices – such as goddess yoga and magnetic masculinity training – and lectures held by Advaita and our team of tantric teachers.

IIn the mornings we will thus open our ‘Polarity Lab’, where you can learn about the ‘rules of the game’: Secrets of attraction & connection. How do you create amazing chemistry? How to fulfil your masculine search and feminine longings? How to work together and how to make decisions? ‘Adam, the apple and Eve’s eternal challenge’. The ‘polarity bomb’ and much more. It will be an exciting, transformative and adventurous journey into the psychology of polarity and the spirit of Tantra. It’s the lessons of love and attraction that we wished we could have learned in school.


What will I get out of the retreat?

  • Igniting your inner power & passion for life

  • More masculine stamina and stand-up power
  • More feminine charm, beauty and awakening your inner goddess
  • Replacing dry concepts with ALIVENESS
  • Honest heartfelt connections and new meaningful friendships


Tantra – Sacred Sensuality

In tantra,
sensuality is approached as something deeply sacred and powerful. Human
connection, sensuality and intimacy are essential experiences that open us up
to a rich inner world.

The body is a temple offering us an enormous potential
of energetic experiences. We can explore it consciously through a great variety
of touch, energy games, sensorial experiences or just a simple lucid awareness upon
the breathing. There are infinite ways to awaken through tantra when first you know the basic
methodology. It is kind of inborn in us and many today even call it ‘human technology’.

Just like we daily use various technological
devices to help ease tasks, performance and communication, we also consist of
inner ‘devices’, which we can activate and use in our daily life to operate high
human performances. Knowledge about how to use such human technologies, and
what they actually are, can be obtained through the tantric methodology.

absolutely fascinating and in Summer Soul we will introduce you to some of our
key teachings about it. 

Should I bring my partner? Can I go alone?

The retreat is designed for both singles & couples. The entire program and all its activities are guided so you will meet and mingle with all the other participants.

We aim to have an approximately equal number of men and women in order to create the optimal polarity experience for everybody. You can come as a single or as a couple.

All activities are invitations and you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel to do. Each participant sets his/her own inner and outer boundaries, which will be mutually respected.

There can be special activities during the retreat which suggest nudity and/or intimacy, but these are optional and according to your personal inclinations.

It’s a retreat, and that means that we intend to dig deep. It’s a journey which will challenge you with new perspectives and confront you with old ways of thinking.


This year in our Summer Soul Retreat we gonna have a

‘Spontatainer Holiday Team’, who will make sure that

you will not forget that life is just a joyful play in the

Garden of God’s Unearthly Delights with all its bliss and

mischiefs! Here thus their first rehearsals (wink)